tess and g/pa great

This is Tessa & her Grandpa Great. She is the newest great
grandchild - #48!! Grandma passed away last week, so we traveled
to Southern Utah to attend her memorial service & visit family.
This was our second visit w/Grandpa actually. He refers to her as "his pal".
He also tells me that Aubrey reminds him so much of my Mom. He
always wants to visit with "the little red head". He & my grandma
were married for 67 years - amazing!

Here's missy after getting home today - she loves to stretch
out on the floor! Such a darling, chubby little sweetheart!


Unknown said...

I love how you call him grandpa great, so cute!!!

Jen said...

What is Tess wearing? Does she have socks on? I love the picture that you have of Tess and Grandpa Great. So Sweet!