reindeer, a tooth & a child's tact

Caleb & Aubrey checking out the reindeer at Zions.
Here's Caleb on the bus at Zions. He lost his first tooth
on his birthday! He got a silver dollar and
a fat swedish fish! He was so excited - Aubrey got
a swedish fish from the tooth fairy too.;) I was sure that
the thought of a little fairy reaching under Caleb's pillow would
freak him out. Last Christmas Eve he couldn't
sleep in the living room because he was freaked out
about Santa coming down the chimney! Apparently a little
fairy isn't as scary as Santa!
Lukey bear on the bus! He loved it! At one point he had his head
all the way out the window like a little puppy - wish I'd gotten
a picture of it!
My Mom and Dad on the bus!
This picture is from a funny angle, but Mike yelled to me
when little miss started to doze off and
gave him a few smiles!

This is my mom and dad's missionary photo! They are so
awesome. Their call should come this week or next!
They have been so kind to stay with us - I say kind because
the stuff they have to put up with. For instance, Caleb, after
hearing a "toot" asking grandma if that was her
or Tess. My dad was napping on the couch and Caleb asked
what that noise was and then running to Aubrey, "that's
grandpa snoring" and busting up laughing. My dad for his
brilliant game he came up with yesterday! He put a pillow on
his head as his "helmet" while Caleb & Aubrey tried to
push it off as that being the only way they could shoot him
with their guns! Plus, my bishop trying to extend a calling
to my dad yesterday at church!;)


megan... said...

I'm excited to hear where your parents go on their mission!

By the way- I don't remember if I commented on your little girl yet- but she is beautiful! Congrats!

Kristin said...

I love your parents!!! Tell them hello and your family is beautiful (and hilarious)!

Annette said...

What a fun day! I want to hang out with you guys! Can't wait to hear about the mission call! Last winter when Mom and Dad came to church with me it was amazing-I never had so many people talk to me and that is when I fianlly got a calling! There is something so real about them that reassures others! Congratulations Caleb! I love the picture of Tess, she has a very cute smile!

Jen said...

Tess is so cute. It sounds like you are having so much fun together! I'm glad that you are able to spend this time together. Oh by the way, did you check to see if I'm still on the email list?

The Marshall Family said...

Oh please tell your parents I said hello!