Our 4th of July weekend!

We went to an aquarium this weekend! The kids loved the fish, sting rays,
sharks & turtles! Luke wasn't so sure - he wouldn't go to0 close the glass!
This is Caleb's shot of one of the sting rays!
I just thought this shot was too cute! Mike's showing the kiddos some huge fish!
Such cuties!
I love this pic - plus I caught Aubrey too! We painted, painted, painted
this weekend! The kids' rooms are done and the accent wall in the
family room too! Yeah! It was our first experience with a
huge sprayer - um...paint went under the door into
the hallway! Blue paint + white carpet = me on my hands
& knees scrubbing for 2 hours! But, I got it all out!! We were
negotiating whether to just get new carpet! White carpet? It's
so hard to keep clean w/kiddos running around on it!
I can wait until next year for the new carpet! Aubrey & Tess' room went so
much smoother! No pink paint anywhere but on the walls!
We finished up and watched some fireworks. The kids got sparklers
to do in the backyard - It was such a fun weekend! I am
so grateful to those who protect this country!;)


Jen said...

Take some pictures of the walls. I want to see how it looks now! Love the pictures Tiff, everyone looks so cute. Hope you are feeling well!

Carlson Clan said...

That looks like fun! What aquarium is that?

Tiffany said...

Hey Leah! It's actually in the Silverton Casino that has the Bass Pro Shop. We "happened" on it when we were looking at boats! It's not huge, but my kids had a blast!

Annette said...

How fun! Your kids are adorable. I hope you are feeling good! Love you!

Annalisa said...

what a fun weekend. glad you got all the blue paint out. smiles!