love notes, spikes & the tree of life

This is a little "love note" that Aubrey gave me!
She told me it was a love note because it said I love you!
Lukey bear has his spikes back! Little cutie!
Oh, I have to share this story - bear w/me!
Caleb ate it on his bike and has two big scabs on his face.
The next day he couldn't get Tessa to laugh or smile at him.
He turned to me and told me that she was too scared of his face!
I reassured him that his face was not scary and Tessa just
wasn't in the smiley mood! Then, we were headed to the store
and he didn't want to go in because he didn't want to scare
people in the store! I told him he should be proud of his face!
His "battle wounds" are proof of how tough he is!
We went to the store and later that afternoon, while riding
his bike, he told me w/a huge smile on his face, "Mom, I'm
proud of my face!" It was really an eye opener to me of
just how young kids' self esteem can falter. I'm so impressed
by Caleb's ability to asses situations and get positive solutions
out of them! He is an awesome kid - I learn so much from him.

So what inspired me to blog this morning was hearing
these two in Aubrey's room playing - I heard something
about a tree of life, so I went in to see what they
were doing - Caleb had built this "tree of life" out of legos!
Our FHE this week was about Lehi's vision! Yeah!
They were paying attention after all!


Kristin said...

Don't you love it when they actually hear you!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

I love Lukes hair- too cute!!

AaronTara said...

I'm always amazed at what the girlies pick up from FHE and church. Laura was telling us all about the Sacrament recently, and she was totally right. : D

Em said...

love the blog background. and the little note.

Annalisa said...

awesome. gotta love FHE.