I think everyone can remember doing this as a child! So funny! My mom was always so great to let my sis Ali and I march around the house like "grown ups" in her high heels!

Luke, can you give me a smile?;)

Oh, and concerning my previous post - Tessa pulled herself up to a standing position a couple of days ago! I know! What 6-month-old does that? She now does it all the time & just looks over at me and laughs! Yeah, giving mommy a heart attack is not funny!;)


heather said...

Wow, Tessa is Wonder Woman. She is so young for doing that. I love that she just looked over at you and just laughed.

Jen said...

I love it Tiff. I'm so glad that you are so good about updating your blog. I feel like I get to see you guys, now if you'd put a pic of you and the kids up, that would be fantastic.