Our "baby" Tessa is cruisin. Yep, she laughs while she does it. She's got this snort thing going on while she laughs. It's hilarious, the kiddos don't like it at all and they never laugh with her! She dances with them too - I really need to get that on video!

What is this, 4th position? I can't remember! lol!!


heather said...

I love that she snorts when she laughs. I used to do that....sometimes if I'm not careful I still do.

Oh, and it's second position. The feet are slightly seperated so it's not first. ;)
sorry, the ballet girl in me had to say it.

Annette said...

Tess must be related to Val, I love it when she snorts when she laughs. I can't wait to se little Tess again. What cute, chubby legs!
Aubrey's hair is amazing!

Jen said...

Oh you sweet baby girl! I love it. You're kids are amazing Tiff! I can't wait to hear the snort! Hopefully she's still doing it when you guys come!

Em said...

hahahahaha, i LOVE her feet!!!!!