Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! Oh and Conference was just amazing! We had such a good time this weekend!
The kiddos showing off their easter baskets! They found the eggs WAY to fast for me to get any sort of decent picture and when I asked them to stop and pose for a picture they looked at me like I was CRAZY!! So, here's some pics of the "after party"!;)

The Easter Bunny left some wooden cars for the kiddos so they painted them between Conference sessions today! And, Caleb loves to earn money, not only the daddy dollars, but the real stuff too! So we needed a place for him to keep the money he's accumulated from helping out his daddy in the backyard, his PRIZED silver dollars he got from the tooth fairy and his PRIZED 50 cent piece he got from the Easter Bunny. So we dug around my craft table and found an old can of Tess' formula & we've got a piggy bank - best of all Caleb loves it!!

While we were craftin', we found a little bug under the table! She actually did really well with the sweetart bunnies she found! lol!!

Oh, Mr. Caleb is so cute! He's got a cough tonight - which for him is a big deal! He had pyloric stenosis as an infant and acid reflux to boot! His pediatrician told us he has a super sensitive gag reflex, so...any little tickle in his throat ends up with him throwing up! Poor kiddo! Such a sweetheart for trying to smile!;)


heather said...

Brillant idea with the bank. I might have to copy you on that one.
Glad you had a great Easter.

Annette said...

What a fun day, I love the crafts. The cars look really great, what talented painters. I hope Caleb is feeling better. I also love the Easter baskets, so cute! I love you guys!

West Family said...

so fun! Wish we could've been there! cute baskets and crafts! I love aubrey's hair and i need to play with tess. i love you tiff

Jen said...

What a fun Easter you had! Thanks so much for updating the blog. I wondered what you guys had done. Love you all!

Em said...

oh how brennan would die over that mcqueen bag!!!!!