My cousin got married over this past weekend and we got to go! We also had a great visit with my Mom's dad, my kids' Grandpa Great. Now, Tessa is a super momma's girl right now. She freaks when anyone gets her that she doesn't know. Mike put her right on Grandpa Great's lap and she was as content as could be! {I think they were friends in the pre-existence!lol!} We also had the chance to visit my Grandmother's grave as well. It's always been such a big deal for my Grandma and Mom to share our geneology with us, it has been so special to be able to pass that on to my kiddos! I'm so grateful for the Gospel. I have answers for my kids that bring them comfort about death. We were also able to get the rest of Mike's parents' temple work done! To be a part of those sacred ordiances and to be able to have my testimony strengthened was such a huge blessing! So, so incredibly special!

Little missy has long enough hair for a pony! Oh so cute! She's just way too much fun!

I took the kiddos over to the Bass Pro shop here in town. They have a huge aquarium and games for the kids to play. It's always a ton of fun to go down there, especially when it's so stinkin hot outside!

We went to a park near our house a couple of weeks ago! It wasn't so hot so we had a great time! Only the little guys would cooperate about the picture taking!

Caleb had a "mulicultral" night at school, so we went over to see his classroom and learn all about Africa! So fun!


Annalisa said...

that does look like a great trip.

Annette said...

Great pictures! Thank you Tiffany. It was so fun to see you this weekend! Love you guys!

heather said...

looks like you guys had a great time with family. Also, we love the bass pro shops. I just love the free stuff here for kids.

Sara Hirschi said...

That's awesome that you got to go to the wedding! I wish we could have. I loved the picts with grandpa great! I miss him a lot! He is the best! :)