Aviation Nation

We went to Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base on Saturday. The Air Force put on a huge air show to honor veterans. It was so fun and the weather was fantastic!
We had to go through the security check at the race track and then we caught a bus over to the base. Tessa did not like the bus! Then we caught the wrong bus back! Oh that took us an extra hour at least to get back to our van! But all in all we had a great time!
On the bus trip over to the base.

There were so many bounce houses. The kiddos had a ball! Tessa loved to walk around around and point at all of them! And yes, she had to bring her blanket along, lol! I really need to make her a little blanket for trips like this! Mike put her in a bounce house, but all she did was sit there. Silly girl!

We didn't get Tessa in this last shot! So sad...she was fast asleep in the stroller.
It was such a fun experience. Caleb has always told us he wants to be a cop or a soldier, so it was especially fun for him!


AaronTara said...

That looks like it was really fun! I'll have to talk Aaron into going next year. : D

Em said...

brennan would have been in heaven.

Annalisa said...

that photo with all the planes in the sky looks like a great pattern for a quilt.

Ali Jones Phelps said...

Looks fun Tiff! Wish I could have seen Tessa pointing at all the planes:)