My cuties!

Miss Tess is such a loving little sweetheart. She always gives loves and kisses! She growing so fast! I feel like I'm losing my baby!;)

Aubrey's kindergarten class put on the cutest program for the parents. Here she is as a pilgrim. She was so shy getting up there, she couldn't even get herself to smile at me. She did really well though! She did all her lines at the right time and sang all the songs! Way too cute!

Poor Caleb slipped off his skateboard in the back yard and hit his face on the patio! This is kid is tough, he hardly cried at all!

I love this kid. He is so funny and enthusiastic about everything! He makes me forget to take things so seriously and enjoy the little things!

A braid I did the other day that I thought turned out cute!


Annalisa said...

Your kiddos are cuties! Awesomeness! except for the ouch factor with the skateboard fall...EKE!

Jen said...

Poor Caleb! Hope it heals quickly! Love all the pics, all so cute! Can't wait to see you all!

Annette said...

I love the pictures, except, of course, the picture of poor little Caleb. I hope he heals quickly, he is an amazing kid. The kids are adorable. I wish I could see you guys more often. I'm sad I missed Aubrey's program, I'm sure she was great. I love you guys!

Em said...

i can't wait for max's hair to grow out!!!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Such cute kids!!! Poor Caleb :( Hope all is well for you guys!

Sara Hirschi said...

Little cuties for sure! Love the braid! And Caleb is one tuff guy, that looks awful!