See ya!!

We had some visitors last weekend!
Aubrey & Tessa liked Quin, just
a little bit!:)

This was taken the day we moved in!
The lovely chandelier just had to
go! And notice the blinds?! We
get to say "See ya" to them pretty
soon too! Yay

The boys installing the fan!
Crazy high ladder! And Mike
used it to paint those
walls too! Carrie and I
didn't have a heart
attack or anything!!

Our new ceiling fan!! Yay!
Notice the bottom 2 windows have
shutters?!! Looks amazing!
We're just waiting for the
others to come in!!

I love progress! I could care less if we're
still "progressing" until the day we move outta
here next year!


Kerri said...

beautiful!! love your home. I can't believe how high that ladder is......SCARY!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!

Annalisa said...

the progress is looking great!

Em said...

You are funny! Your house looks great!!! Why do you hate it so much??