I took the kiddos up to Fort Bragg to
camp with my parents and the
West family! My niece Courtney
had a soccer tournament and we
had a blast. Of course I got some
shots of the kiddos and the ocean,
but not one of Courtney's games!!
And I think I did pretty well without
Mike! A tire on the trailer blew
on the way to Cali & a super nice
man helped me back up the trailer...ok
not so much helped but backed up
my trailer! Jer was so nice and helped
me back it up once...now I know what I
need to practice on!
Here are the kids playing at the campsite!

There were the funnest tide pools to
look at too! So much fun!

Here we are loving Glass Beach!

Val showed us this awesome tree,
so we took advantage of
it and took some pictures!

And, um, it was FREEZING! I was freezing the
whole dang time! I need to invent a cordless
electric blanket! Seriously!


Em said...

The coast of northern California is an entirely different kind of cold. I am always freezing when I go home even though the temp is colder in Utah. We spent a week in a rental house in Mendocino ever summer growing up and we always stopped by ft Bragg as one of our day trips. Good memories!

Becky Nelson said...

you are so brave. I would travel by my self, but not to go camping or pull a trailer. I'm glad you had a good time. I love being with family.

Kerri said...

Love camping!! Nothing better than family, beach, dirt and campfires!!!

Annalisa said...

is this what camping would look like with the group too?

looks like fun!

Ali Jones Phelps said...

Ah...such cute pics Tiff. Looks like you guys has so much fun:)