These are a few pics of the kiddos this fall!
Since I have flaked big time with my blog
I'm trying to play a little bit of
catch up!;) {Don't judge me about
Tess and all that gum! It was the ONLY
thing I could bribe her with to behave
in the store!}


Annalisa said...

don't worry, i bribed hari with $5 to do his robot dance moves -- entertainment on demand, sheesh he's expensive. lol. i wish gum would do it.

Em said...

i fully believe in bribing children and do so all day every day. works like a charm:)

Annette said...

Great pictures! Thank you so much. I miss you guys so much!

AaronTara said...

Your kids are so adorable... and bribery is way ok!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Cutest kids ever!!
They are all growing up so fast!!!