Take Courage

My sister Val forwarded this image in an email (thanks so much Val!) Although I don't live in California anymore prop 8 is still so important to me. We can live righteously in the world and not be a part of the world! To all you Californians - make sure to vote yes on Proposition 8!!


Annalisa said...

we just read helaman 16 last night...and truly sometimes i feel like fleeing for my life like samuel, but know that since we're in cali. now we need to help take a stand. thanks for the post!

West Family said...

tiff! brilliant! thanks for posting that - it creates a feeling of strength and courage - i love it!

Unknown said...

the only place to start is with the word.."HELLO"... my name is Timothy F. Boulant, 62 years of age, living in up-state New York, retired high school teacher; my brother Dr.J A Boulant, Ohio State University..I came across your OUTSTANDING web site while browsing Google..i am not the family geneologist, that would be my brother..but, i thought i would send you a quick note and, hopefully, i will find the impetus to continue soon...keep up your site, it's so nice to see a beautiful family, especially with the name Boulant..