Double Digits!

I hit double digits today!! Yeah! 99 days left! 26 weeks tomorrow!
The top picture is taken by Caleb - the bottom by Aubrey.
Oh, did I mention I've gained 32 pounds? 32 pounds!! Oh, and this
is actually the least amount of weight gain by 26 weeks for me! I've posted
this for all my other prego friends to feel that much better
about themselves!;)


West Family said...

you look great - as usual - cute dress by the way!

megan... said...

seriously- you look like a Skinny Prego gal!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness you look tiny

Kristin said...

Cute! If you've gained 32 I don't know where it is!

Annalisa said...

i agree, cute dress. you look great!

Jen said...

I've been waiting to see what you look like with litte Tess! You look fantastic as usual. Can't wait to see all of you next month!