So sad! Caleb crashed on his bike! He landed right
on his cheek and skid! He thought his cheekbone was
broken for sure! Poor kid! He was so good
to let me clean it up!
Some more battle wounds!
He's happy this morning and his face looks so much better!
(It helped him a ton that his Daddy brought him some egg nog &
we planned some fun things to do when his cousins come for Thanksgiving!)
Tessa has been in such a smiley mood this morning I thought
I could finally get a picture of her smiling - she's on to me though.
She gets one glimpse of the camera and she's dead pan from there
on out! Lukey cooperated though - this never happens!
(scroll down and take a look at him the halloween group shot!)


Kindra said...

Your kiddos are so cute, I think Tess looks a lot like Brynn in that picture.

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Poor guy :(
Your kids are absolutely adorable!!

Kerri said...

battle wounds....don't boys like them after the pain is gone??

AaronTara said...

Poor Caleb! Laura totally biffed it, face-first, on the sidewalk outside the church building on Sunday. Her nose has a nice scrape on it and her gums bled quite a bit. She kept calling them her lungs.

Em said...

sad!!! i flipped off the front of my bike in elem school. still have a massive scar on my right thigh b/c i refused to get stitches. what was my mom thinking listening to a 9 yr old?!? drag me to the car and get stitches, duh! oh well, it's a good visual aid to go with my story;-)

Jen said...

Oh, poor Caleb. I'm glad that he's feeling better! Can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving. I'm super excited!

Annette said...

Oh, poor Caleb :( I'm glad he is feeling better. Good job being so brave! We love you Caleb!