Oh man! I've been cutting my boys' hair since Caleb was a baby, no mistakes, no slip ups, until the other morning! I had the guard off the clippers from finishing Caleb's. Well, poor Lukey got 2 swipes before I noticed just how short I was cutting his poor hair! It's a good thing his hair is so light and grows so fast!!

Aubrey & Luke LOVE playing in the water - oh how I wish for a big pool!;)

Our carrots are beginning to grow! Yay!!

Here's the kiddos riding this little carousel while we were shopping the other day. Caleb was such a good sport to ride it too!


Em said...

hahahaha, i did that to sean once about two years ago, but his his is brown and much more noticable. lol. i'm so glad he didn't make me stop cutting his hair after that.

Jen said...

Good thing that kid is always so cute!

Annette said...

He is still adorable. The carrots look great, what else did you plant?