Happy Easter!!
What amazing doctrine we have concerning the Atonement.
Elder Packer said,
"Truth proclaims there is a Mediator,
through Him mercy can be fully extended
to each of us without offending the eternal
law of justice. This truth is the very root of
of Christian doctrine. You may know much about
the gospel as is branches out from there, but
if you only know the branches and those branches do
not touch that root, if they have been cut free from
that truth, there will be no life nor substance nor
redemption in them."
Mike & I were asked to speak today in Sacrament Meeting.
Our records haven't been read in yet,
but welcome to the ward!;)
How can we not feel inadequate speaking of our Savior?
But we did our best and our testimonies grew
through our study & preparation.

So I tried to take some cute pictures of the
kids this morning before church!
This one turned out, but we're missing someone!

She just wanted to climb up and to look at Luke for a minute!

Apparently she needed a break and decided to
sprawl out on the floor!

Then she just went into this sort of trance!;) Haha!

These kiddos are so darling! Oh how I wish I had some
extra time to take a photography class so I could
capture all their cuteness!

I LOVE this of Lukey! You can't help but laugh when
you hear this little guy's belly laugh! Plus those chubby
little cheeks and dimples?!
A nurse asked me once if I just spent my time
kissing those cheeks!
And we sure do!!

Here are the kiddos enjoying their Easter loot! Growing up we
always did Easter Eggs and such the Saturday
before Easter Sunday. It's nice to have the separation
between the two!


Melissa Slocum, M. Ed. said...

Wow - Caleb is looking so grown up. I hope you had a great Easter!

Jen said...

Oh Tiff! They are all so sweet, and thank you for the sweet quote! I'm sure that your talks were amazing!

Becky Nelson said...

wow how your kids are getting so big.Your boy looks so grown up :) I love blogs, such a great way to catch up with friends and a great way to keep a journal.

Annette said...

What cute pictures! I wish I could have heard your talks, I'm sure you were both amazing. Happy Easter. Love to the kids :)

Annalisa said...

your kids are hilarious! i love the series...classic kids being kids. such great personalities.

Em said...

I got one pic of all of ours heads, but none of the kids outfits really. I am so sad about it!