So....we moved! We're still in Vegas, just moved into another house.
I don't know...or rather I didn't know.
All I know is I was prompted to save money for
another house. {We have a house in California still}
We've been biding our time hoping the market would
flip us back on top of our loan!
Two houses?! That couldn't be right, but it was.
So we moved...with a lot of fits from our 3 year a lot
of fits from me! I didn't want to move. I still don't want to be
in the new house.
But, I love when Joseph Smith said, "I knew it and I knew God knew it".
On a much smaller scale, that's how I felt and still feel about the move.
The new house {ahem, I am using the term "new" very loosely!!} anyway,
the "new" house is my worst nightmare!
It has not been taken care of and yeah, I found a scorpion...and 2 dead ones.
I seriously threw up, cried and had to take a walk around the block.
But we're making improvements and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Plus, and this is a HUGE plus, since we've moved,
the bank renegotiated our loan!!
We're in the crap house, {I'm not supposed to call it that anymore}
I mean, "new" house only until next summer! Then
we can sell our California house and buy one here!
Oh happy freaking day!!
That is what I believe this whole ordeal has been about. My obedience
to the Lord. I may not have obeyed with the most grace, but at least I was
willing. Miracles happen. Miracles are real.
I love the Gospel.

ps We have a TON of projects, improvements that I can't wait to post!!
Mike is a complete stud and really, a saint to put up with my fits
and my list of renovations! After the scorpion episode, I came back to
the house to find him on the phone with the he was
trying to leave the house to go out of town for work!! He is just
simply amazing!!


Annalisa said...

what a blessing in disguise.

Annette said...

Thank you Tiff. :)

Em said...

takes a lot of courage to be honest about what you have to do and know is right. you are a great example! i'll bet the crap/new house will be where you have so many great family memories down the road and make you appreciate the next one so much more!