Mike has made frames for me before, so when I found this
print of the Savior {love His eyes in this one}, Mike
took me down to pick out some molding. We just
spray painted it in flat paint and we love how it
turned out! The wall isn't quite finished
but it's a start!

My little girls love to get their nails painted!

This picture is so classic of Aubrey. She will play with
anything! Even the saw dust while her dad's sawing! Love her!

Apparently my hutch makes a perfect place to for Flyn, baby Flyn,
Rapunzel and baby Rapunzel to hang out! She loves Tangled, just
a teensy bit!

Look what happens when I "think" I lock the pantry!
And notice she's taken off her jeans? Her new trick!

Lukey watching the Nascar race with Mike. "Look Daddy!
The M&M car! I see it! The M&M car!" Yeah, the boys
love to watch races.:)


Carrie said...

Seeing these cute, fun pictures makes me want to just come over! I love your great family, Tiff! Miss you. Kiss the kids for me:)

Jen said...

So fun! I love the hutch pics especially!

Annette said...

Beautiful frames, adorable children, (even when they are spreading crackers all over your clean floor!), amazing pictures! Thank you for posting the pictures. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Sara Hirschi said...

Love the picture and the frame! It looks amazing! And loved the cute pictures of the kiddos! They are adorable!!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Gorgeous picture!!

Em said...

Brennan is obsessed with "kankled." once a day everyday. And he steals max's rupunzle.