{What's up with blogger lately? I've lost posts and sweet comments...strange!}
I need to make a book before anything else gets lost!:)

Our ward had the Father & Sons camp out this weekend.
The boys were stoked about going camping with
their dad! Lukey kept on
saying, "Boys only!".:) Here they are
in front of Mike's truck all ready to go!

Aubrey getting in & out of the truck...I think she was
a little disappointed to not be going! Poor thing!
We had a good time just us girls at home though! Plenty
of Barbie movies and treats!

Little Miss wanted to go too! She cried for her daddy for a
good 15 minutes after they left! She's a daddy's
girl for sure.

**Just a quick update on Miss Tess. She has a new splint. You can see the top of it in the picture of her. It comes up way past her wrist. I hate it. It's hard not to feel mean when I put it on her! She hates it but is such a good girl to wear it most of the time! She's still wearing her glove - we got a new one this week. She wore the other one right out! We have just a few more months before her surgery.:)**


Jen said...

I bet the boys had so much fun with their dad! It's good to spend that time together, and I bet the girls loved their time with you! What a good mommy you are Tiff! So glad to hear of Tess' progress! Love to you all!

Annette said...

You are a great Mom! I hope the boys had a great time! I love you.