Sunday Times

Here are the cuties all ready for church!;) It was mine and kids' first day
in our new ward. Luke did just great going into nursery - Caleb &
Aubrey - not so much. After some talks, hugs, kisses, & resorting
to bribery, I finally convinced them to walk
into the primary room. Caleb collapsed at
my feet crying. Aubrey burst into tears saying,
"I want you Mom!". Good times. All I have to say is that the
women who work in Primary are the most patient & kind
women out there! When we went to pick them up, they
of course had the best time and can't wait until next week.
We decided to take a quick trip to St. George yesterday. I talked Mike into
going to Tai Pan! Good shopping! What a great husband!

It was so super bright outside and the batteries in my camera
ran out - of course! So these are the cutest pics I got!


Jen said...

you know that we're going to have to go to St. George when I come out to visit again. Take some pics of what you got!

Annette said...

Great pictures! I hope your experience in your ward will be good and next week is easier for Aubrey and Caleb. It is so hard to go to a new class even primary. I hope Mike's ribs are getting better! What a horrible experience! I'm so sorry that happened :( ! Love you guys!