lukey the roar!

Okay, okay - I realize it's September 1st. But, I love the Fall &
I love Halloween!! I've been fighting the urge for 2 weeks now
to get my Fall and Halloween decorations out!
When you ask Luke what he wants to be for Halloween, he says
"A Roar!" To him, that translates to a dinosaur - this kid loves
dinosaurs - but I talked him into a lion - a lion "roars" too!
In his defense, I took these pictures right before his nap! Notice
the "owie" on his nose? Face plant on his great aunts wooden stairs.
I don't think poor Lukey is ever "owie" free!
Love it! I need to capture a good picture of Luke when he's really mad!
He has a high pitch scream and hits his leg. If we
start to laugh, he'll come hit us! Which, of course makes
us laugh even harder! He was having a fit one of the
nights in the hotel last weekend and flipped himself off the bed!
Love, love, love Lukey Bear!


Em said...

i had brennan be a lion last year. we were his tamers. it was hilarious. we even got him to say "rooooooooooooooooarrrrr." he just did it though, we didn't teach him to do it. can't wait for this year:-) have no idea what he'll be. i keep waiting for costco to get their good costumes in for inspiration.

Kerri said...

i'm with you, fall is my favorite time of year. it's never too early for fall decorations, i've had mine up for 2 months (just kidding)!

Nicole Scoubes said...

He looks so cute! thanks for all your comments and congrats on your sweet little Tess!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you posted these Tiff! I love Lukey in his costume, and he is so great. I can't wait to see all of you this weekend!