Tess' blessing, Mya's baptism, a mean game of soccer,
playing in a creek, nightly games of liars dice, greed & a new fav
sharp shooters, a trip to the ER, a good afternoon of shopping, a
morning spent at the salon turning blue hair back to blonde - We
had a fantastic weekend with my family in Salt Lake! But I lost my
dang camera! All our fun, and super important things like the
blessing and baptism are now gone!! Plus, Lukey has a buddy
over this morning for his first play date and I have no way of
documenting it! Ugh!! Hopefully it'll turn up!!

** For an update on little miss - she is all smiles! We even got a
giggle out of her the other day! She is as fat as ever!
She's been sleeping 8+ hours every night for the past few
weeks! What an angel! I haven't had a baby sleep like this since
Caleb! Both Aubrey and Luke didn't sleep through the night
until they were 18 months old!! She loves her baths!! I took her
out this morning and oh boy was she mad! She screamed
& screamed! Maybe she's already adopting her big sisters sass! ;)


Annalisa said...

sounds like busy fun. have a great week. hope you find the camera.

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Tiffany all I can say is YOU LUCKY GIRL! I can't believe Tess is sleeping 8+ hours a night- Crew wakes every 2 to eat- ugh :(

Annette said...

Oh no! Not the camera, I hope it turns up. We had so much fun! Thank you for coming all the to Utah you are the best!

Kristin said...

Wonderful times! I hope the camera turns up! Enjoy them with all of their firsts. The firsts get sacrier as they get older... :)