Oh me Oh my it's been one of those days!!
My hair wouldn't cooperate this morning - that should
have been my first clue!!
Then, found out that my IUD costs $800! Canceled
my appointment to wait to talk to Mike about that! Mike, being
the sweetheart he is offers to take me to lunch - a little Cafe Rio -
on the way Aubrey asks, "where's Tess?" I look behind me,
no seat, no Tess. Where is Tess? In her bouncer asleep on
our kitchen table!! I thought Mike put her in the van, Mike
thought I did!! Please, don't call CPS on me!! Go back
to the house, Tess is fine, but I sure am not!! Then I stop at
Target to feed and change miss Tess - only Luke's diapers I have
in my diaper bag! So she's wearing a huge diaper - it's not like she's
that small! Who ever heard of an 8 week old in size 2 diapers!
Love that she is so fat! Get all my stuff at Target, including
Aubrey's Halloween costume that took forever to convince
her to get, and getting Luke to stop yelling "Doo! Doo!"! He
was excited for his new Scooby Doo movie -
no cash and no pin for my new card! So....I just
give up - I'm not going out again w/any kids for the rest of
the day...oh yeah, have to get Caleb from school - well,
besides that!! At least it's under 100 degrees today! Yahoo!;)


AaronTara said...

I'm so sorry! I've lost one of my children in our neighborhood (the front door was left open)... it happens to every mom. Cheer up!

Em said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! that is hilarious. i'm so glad you wrote about it! and i think brennan was wearing size 2 diapers by 8 weeks, lol. we don't call him pork loin for nothing! i don't know how you do the heat there. i told sean that there was no amount of money that could get me to live in arizona or nevada...or anything other state that considers 99 degrees as an acceptable temperature;-) give me the 60's or give me death!

Jen said...

Wow, you really did have quite a day! I'm so sorry Tiff Hopefully today is way better!

Kristin said...

That darn hair - always the first sign of a bad day! Hope today is better

megan... said...

I am CPS and I won't call them on you :) Those days are always funny to remember but make you feel crazy to have!