So I'm in Target looking for a bottle keeper - you know
the kind that keeps your baby's bottle of formula or breast milk fresh & I
found this beauty! Not only can you attach your baby's
bottle to any bag but you can warm it up in the car!!
It has a lighter attachment and a
built in warmer right inside!! Amazing!
That back pouch is where the attachment for the
lighter is stored! So super smart!!
These two have been having the greatest time this
morning! Some days it's all out war between them - so
I am extra grateful for mornings like this!!


Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Genius! Now I have to go to Target and find one- lol! ;)

Melissa Slocum, M. Ed. said...

That is an amazing device - we bought just a thermos to keep warm water in when we needed to make a warm bottle when traveling, but what a mess it made sometimes.

Em said...

LOVE finding gadgets like that:-)