We just couldn't resist playing a bit this afternoon!!
They are too much fun! They're just a little
excited for trick-or-treat!! Lukey is "roaring" super loud
& Aubrey is doing her best witch laugh - they scared the
dickens out of Tessa! Oh boy does she get mad when she
gets startled! Her daddy gave her a zerbert (sp?) on her cheek
a couple of days ago, scared her half to death - she
let her daddy know about it!
She's the cutest butterfly I've ever seen!
Look at those chubby cheeks!!

Lukey was so good while I made bread this morning!
He loves Tess' bumbo - he calls it a pumpkin! We
haven't figured that one out yet!
I think every little boy plays this way with his cars!


Jen said...

Tiff, I love, love, love their costumes! So cute. That is the cutest butterfly that I have ever seen. I can't wait to see all of you! 16 days now! Yahoo!

AaronTara said...

Tessa is definitely an adorable butterfly! And her cheeks are awesome! Avery is starting to lose some of the chubby face... makes me sad. Your family is so darn cute!