I Got It!!

I finally got a picture of Miss Tessa smiling!! She
scooted herself right off the rug & under the couch!
Now I just need to film her scooting! Crazy, but
true. She gets her knees under herself and
pushes forward with her feet! Caleb was our earliest
to do this at 5 months, she has him beat by just a
few weeks! It balances out their verbal skills - they
all haven't talked until they're around 2 1/2!;)
Miss Aubrey was helping me wrap gifts this afternoon.
She wanted to wrap up Tessa too!
Aubrey & Luke playing they were babies the
other morning. Good grief!
They were having a great time!


Annette said...

What a beautiful smile! She is adorable. Was Tess trying to get under the couch to avoid the Christmas bows? I can't wait to see you guys!

Em said...

love the bows on the bumb;-)

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Ha Ha such cute pictures!!!

Jen said...

Tiff, I love it. Tessa is so darn cute, and I love the pictures of Aubs and Lukey! Love your kids!