You can't see it, but it was snowing! The kiddos thought
it was the most fun! There's always 1 kid who's
making a face! (Caleb) :)
Aubrey & I making silly faces!
Day 1 of our sweet bread making!! Isn't she a
good braider?
Those little ones are Aubrey's.
This one's Caleb's. Growing up we always had sweet
bread Christmas morning and always delivered
it to family friend's when we would go caroling. They make
such great Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching & school
teacher gifts!! Plus, my house has smelled
so good for the last couple of days!


Em said...

such pretty bread!!!! i can remember two times it snowed while i was living in california. once in half moon bay, where i grew up, and once in chico, the first day back from winter break my freshmen year. it was SO fun:-)

Jen said...

Aubs did such ag great job! I love the pics Tiff, so glad that your so good about updating your blog.

Annette said...

I'm so impressed that you made sweet bread! I don't think I would try it without Mom! Cute pictures! Your kids are beautiful. Can't wait to see you guys. We have snow here too! :)

Kristin said...

Yaa Sweet bread! I make it every year - jsut wouldn't be Christmas without it!!

Annalisa said...

yes, sweet breads are a staple of christmas giving at our house too.