When my sister Ali & I were little girls we would
always write our Christmas wish lists - there
were no limits on these lists. So here's mine.
Dear Santa, please bring me this darling playhouse
for my kiddos.

And, I'll take this Steinway too, please.
If this is too much then just a PPB touring tote!
I've dropped all the hints I can think of. All
but told him the directions of the store that carries
this bag, so if Mike doesn't "pick up" on the
fact that I really want one for Christmas, then
the only hope I have left is Santa!;)


Mike and Megan Johnson said...

I have learned that it's much easier for my hubby if I just get my own presents. It's just was to difficult for men. Crazy!

AaronTara said...

I wish we could buy/build a playhouse like that for our girlies! It's amazing!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Love it! lol!

Trevor said...

Don't you think those 2 items are a bit extravagant for someone who moves at least once a year?

Annette said...

Great choices! That house is amazing :) and the piano is beautiful.

Kristin said...

Good luck on the hints! (Err direct statments!) Hope you get it!

Annalisa said...

lol, that playhouse is darling.