The kitchen before! Lovely, isn't it?! It's really small.
There's not much we can do about that, but
we did try to improve what we could!

The new granite! So nice and pretty!

I saw the idea of putting bead board on the face of
the cabinets online. We tried it and LOVED the
look! We primed and painted the cabinets with
a white laquer that turned out beautiful! We
picked out some new hardware and the cabinets are
just SO much cuter! I did away with the old
pantry door, which is in an older post!
Plus with the hardwood flooring, sink, faucet {that
I LOVE}, new microwave and
dishwasher, the kitchen is darling!

The kitchen after!

Caleb & Aubrey had a field day last they are all ready for it! They are too cute!


AaronTara said...

I LOVE IT!!! I so need to do something to my kitchen. Where'd you get the idea/how-to for the cabinets? Mine really, REALLY need a facelift! My counters need to be replaced also but I don't think it's in our budget right now. Anyway, your kitchen looks fantastic!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Tara! I can't remember where I found the idea. You should look into flooring tile to redo counter tops! Mike & I did that in our house in California! It's super affordable!

Hollye said...

Wow!!! So beautiful...

Em said...

ok beth smailes JUST told me about the bead board idea this last saturday and now to see it here you've got me thinking!!! what did you glue it on with? did you do any weathering to it or just put it on?

Tiffany said...

Emily, we used liquid nails to secure the bead board on and then caulked around the edge. I did sand it down before I put the lacquer on {which is thin so you get the weathered look}. It was seriously the easiest thing ever.:)

Mike and Megan Johnson said...

You are sooo handy!! It looks beautiful! Great Job!!

Jen said...

I love the kitchen Tiff! You guys are amazing, and the kiddos are so dang cute!

Annette said...

Tiffany! That is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen. I am so impressed. I can't wait to see it. :)I hope the kids had a fun field day.

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Absolutely STUNNING! Just beautiful!! Love it!!!