My Lukey Bear On Memorial Day!

This is how my Lukey spent his Memorial Day afternoon! Scooby
Doo is one of his favorites!
Isn't he an angel?! He let Mike and I paint our kitchen while he napped!
We went to a neighborhood park to watch fireworks.
I was having some sharp contractions
so Lukey and I chilled on the blanket. This is what happened
when I asked him to smile!
He is such a pill!;) He turned around to spit but that wasn't good enough...
he had to get closer!


Carlson Clan said...

He has the cutest dimple!!

The Barth Family Blog said...

I can not believe how big he has gotten. Y'all have been gone way too long.

Annette said...

He is so cute. Was it fun at the park. I hope your contractions weren't too bad and you are feeling better. You must have moved, that looks like a different entertainment center! What color did you paint the kitchen? I can't wait to see it! Love you guys!

Annalisa said...

so cute!