A California Sunday Afternoon

Caleb and his cousin Jared are best buddies! They've been having so much fun playing
together over our visit in California! This was our Sunday
afternoon activity with homemade playdough!
Aubrey & my niece Caitlyn had fun playing with their playdough!
My niece Courtney helping make the playdough!
Isn't she beautiful!
We've been having a great time in California! I'm loving the cool weather!
Hope it gets a little warmer so I can take the kiddos swimming!
I've been helping my sister Val get ready for her wards girls camp this
week - she's been called as Camp Director. So much fun stuff! I love working
with the Young Women! Chico is so beautiful w/so many parks &
yummy places to eat! We've had enchiladas from La Comida - I think I'll
run down and get a burger from Burger Hut soon!;)
So excited for my other sisters to hurry up and get out here!!


Annette said...

I miss Burger Hut!! I love the pictures Tiff! It looks like you are all having lots of fun. What cute kids and yes Courtney is beautiful! I'm not sure but is Valerie's mouth wide open in that first picture? :)

Tiffany said...

Nets your the best! I didn't even notice Val! Hehe!!

Unknown said...

No pictures of me? :(

p.s. i'm just kidding! :):):):)

Tiffany said...

I'll get you next time Alana!!;)