These two put on a "show" before Church yesterday!
This was their audience!
The lion right to the right of Lukey scares the
dickens out of him. The orange tiger 4 steps up
was won by their Daddy for me when we
were at an Amusement Park in Missouri,
before we were married!
Love it!! (I don't think they ever put on
the show - I guess it was jut fun enough to
set the whole thing up!)


Kerri said...

that's a TON of stuffed animals, love it!

Melissa Slocum, M. Ed. said...

the question is - did the audience make it home after the show?

Em said...

love it. we have 9am church this entire year. part of me is looking forward to switching (we rotate times every other year with the other ward in our building) to the 11:30 time. the other part of me is dreading what is going to take place when we get home from church at 2:45 and have a toddler that missed a real lunch and a nap.

Jen said...

Tiff, that's awesome. I just love your kids!

Annette said...

Fun! I've never seen so many stuffed animals :)

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Ha Ha! This is hilarious! I love it!!!